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Boy howdy, things are hopping as usual in the Sassy Salon…what’s the deal with keyword searches disappearing?!

It’s true yet not horrific news for you, my friends. Stick with me and you’ll be just dandy.

The Google keyword tool is nix and more searches will continue to disappear in analytics. Is it time to panic? Heck no!

Here’s the skinny on what’s happening, how it may affect you, and a few simple things to do about it…

How does this impact you? You won’t be able to research key terms like you’ve been able to do and create keyword lists to target content.

Is this bad news? No — there are other ways to find powerful key terms:

  • Adwords (you’ll still get impressions and words that are driving traffic to your site)
  • Analytics (queries and what pages people are visiting)
  • Webmaster Tools (trending info), your internal search
  • Keyword searches in Google and Bing (what relevant / competitive sites are ranking, how many pages are created, etc)

You don’t need 1000 keywords for your business. You should be picking a few based around each area of your business and building pockets of content regularly around those terms.

There are paid tools, too — like WordTracker, etc but I’m not a huge proponent of paying for all different kinds of tools as more data is overwhelming and detours people from picking a small amount of powerful and relevant words and using less terms and developing more content around them.

Search engines are still broad search so you don’t need the “perfect” terms to rank. Most people finding you will do so with your brand terms anyway. The reason key terms are helpful is to focus your content, titles, descriptions, hashtags, call to actions, hyperlinks, bios, images, etc so you have a constant message across all your communications. That’s what will make a difference in the long term.

Like I mentioned, your brand name will almost always be your biggest driver of traffic — don’t forget to optimize your videos, titles, call to actions and images with your brand name plus a few other key terms.

I actually think this is GREAT news as keyword research is helpful, but too many people were creating duplicate sites around a scrillion key terms, Adwords programs with a gazillion keywords that never delivered results, keyword stuffing the heck out of any place terms could be added, and trying to trick the system using words, not relationships, not quality content and not valuable communications.

So I LOVE this! I love that businesses will have to understand and champion customer journey and interaction on the site. I love that relationships and conversations will become (and should have always been) the heart of how a business grows.

Do you need keywords? Heck yeah, pancakes! But don’t obsess — pick them, use them, check them in the search engines each month and then get back to building your business through relevant and valuable content and engaging interactions.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy? You bet!

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– By Kristin Rohan

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