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Hello Smarties! It’s the Sassy Assassin with a bit of scoop and some simple tips for improving your business — whoohoo!

When I started in 2009, I provided more than SEO tactics — I was a marketing partner to my clients, and it was quickly evident that was needed and valued.

Over the years, I continued to develop my skills, my story and my offerings, thus I became the Sassy Assassin of Social Media and SEO. I still practice those tactics in spades, yet it’s time to move a bit higher on the chain — so SassySEO will be redirecting to (web development, marketing and incubating of businesses) and (where I house my comics, my workshops and myself!)

Life story – you get the gist – so I’m moving my insights to these new sites and updating them because SEO and Social Media have changed heaps since I started and will continue to change — it’s a jungle out there, my friends, and I will help you navigate it!

So…what will you get by popping in for a visit? Smart & sassy tidbits about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), SMO (Social Media Optimization), Social Networking, Marketing & or Media so you are fired up and ready to go on your Marketing Adventure.

Though I shared these posts before, they are still true, relevant and valuable — enjoy!

This first post is from the Ad Contrarian: Why Can’t Marketers Talk Straight (Bob Hoffman). I love simple descriptions that quickly get to the point. Why use language that delays understanding or action?

Once you decide on key terms (read my latest post about keyword research here) and develop your content, don’t confuse prospects with fancy words. Help them enjoy visiting your site and learning from you. Once they know they can get the straight and simple story from your site, they’ll come back again.

The next post is from Seth Godin: When tactics drown out strategy. I’m a super fan of Mr. Godin and agree with his views. It’s key to know what you want to accomplish before jumping in and adopting the latest tactics and tools. Are you trying to find new customers? Are you trying to build your community? Are you trying to sell certain products? Though Facebook and Google+ might be the answers, know what the questions are first.

The last post is from Darren Rowe’s site, TwiTip: 5 Steps to Take to Prepare for a Post Twitter World (by Chris Johnson) Building real relationships is more important than how many followers I have. If I don’t make personal and genuine connections with my customers and colleagues, I risk losing out on sales, on opportunities (professional & social), and won’t enjoy my work. Helping others and connecting them is important, too. What goes around, comes around – positive & negative. I like to be on the positive side.

What do these posts have to do with SEO?

1 – Content is still key to a successful site (this is timeless!) – take time to develop good key terms (here’s my post again about keyword research here) instead of lengthy verbiage. Don’t confuse visitors. Make is easy for them to navigate and understand what you do.

2 – Develop a strategy before you hop on the latest tool craze. Fads come and go, but your site needs to have focus and a long-term plan so you can get customers and make sales. That is why you have a business.

3 – Be authentic and build real relationships. Most customers buy from people they like and trust. Word of Mouth is still the number one referral.

Now I put it to you…

  • How do you keep your authenticity and build real connections?
  • How do you research the latest tools?
  • How are you choosing keywords now that Google has changed the Keyword Tool?

Burning questions — and I want to know YOUR answers!

If you need help researching keywords, picking tools or building your community, contact the Sassy Assassin of SEO and Social Media at

Happy Adventuring!!

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