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The Rohans, LLC
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Kristin Rohan
Kristin Rohan is the Founder of SassySEO — offering Business and Marketing strategies focused around Content & Community Plans to improve website presence using targeted online tactics — specifically SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Social Media.Kristin has 15 years of industry experience in Silicon Valley CA, 3 years in Sydney, 2 years in Los Angeles, and now re-located to lovely Capitola, CA.
Rob Rohan
Rob is a 12-year startup engineering veteran. He has worked with startups from Silicon Valley to Sydney Australia doing everything from writing / refactoring code and architecting systems to building engineering teams. Early in his career, Rob was lucky enough to work with early Yahoo, Facebook and Apple employees (“grey beards” in tech speak). Their guidance and insight permeates Rob’s focused yet fluid style of product development. Rob has helped build systems and processes from desktop IDEs and a video transcoding and distribution network to social communities and android apps — plus many other wonderful things. 他会说一点儿汉语。
Julie Whitson
Julz is our Maven rocking Social Media with an in-your-face attitude. She’s a superstar at giveaways, tweet-ups and social media on-the-run! When she’s not saving the world with her tweets, you can find Julz DIY’ing it up – she specializes in home improvement projects and growing green things.