Keyword Research, Using Tools and Being Authentic — SEO Tips from

Tuesday, November 12th, 2013

Hello Smarties! It’s the Sassy Assassin with a bit of scoop and some simple tips for improving your business — whoohoo! When I started in 2009, I provided more than SEO tactics — I was a marketing partner to my clients, and it was quickly evident that was needed and valued. Over the years, […]

How to Use Twitter Hashtags: Social Media Tips from

Wednesday, November 6th, 2013

It’s Cali Julz again, with your dose of Twitter Treasures. This week…How to use Hashtags… Now that you’re on Twitter, the water cooler for social media, it’s time to sift through the interesting and relevant! How you ask? By using hashtags. Hashtags are the filing system for social networks and, by using the guidelines below, […]

Get More Twitter Followers – Social Media Tips from

Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013

Hi, It’s Cali Julz…Very nice to meet me. I’m the new Maven at TheRohans presenting Social Media with an in-your-face attitude…so buckle up and enjoy the ride! I’ll be doing a series of posts breaking down how to use Twitter – simply and strategically. I love Twitter. What a tool to meet people, promote your business, […]

Where to find Keyword Research – SEO Tips from

Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013

Boy howdy, things are hopping as usual in the Sassy Salon…what’s the deal with keyword searches disappearing?! It’s true yet not horrific news for you, my friends. Stick with me and you’ll be just dandy. The Google keyword tool is nix and more searches will continue to disappear in analytics. Is it time to panic? […]